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Our company proudly announces big meeting in Washingtom. 

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Interesting fact about company and new benefits for employees.

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EDC solution with the russian-language version!

Russian language EDC solution that is best applicable for the Russian PI


DataFlow Solutions

Leading russian EDC solution with the russian-language version for executing clinical trials faster, safer and with the lower costs. Best worlwide practices in the advanced Data Management solutions now addapted for the Russian region.

Today biopharmaceutical companies are under intense pressure to trim the cost and time of drug development. Since data plays such a critical role, it makes sense that faster access to accurate clinical trial data can improve decision making and accelerate overall clinical development.

We are improving the way companies run clinical trials.

Our Software is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.


Our fields of excellence:

1. Design optimization

2. Data managment

3. CRO contractor

4. Trial (Protocol) Design


From database build, through cleaning and reporting, to delivery of a locked database, DFS is committed to configured solutions that emphasize transparency, integrity and accountability as much as they do speed and accuracy.

With DFS Software  Solution you have  fast  access to clean, reliable data with  customized solutions and flexible options.


We are not only the best local  professional Data Management company with the own EDC platform but our business consist of other professional clinical services for the biotech and pharma companies to have full access to the Russian clinical capacities and market as well.  Strategic partnership for your Clinical Development Program  that is the wy we are ready to share risks with you. We guarantee consistent performance and diverse team of experts (Russian best PIs in different nosologies). We work to the highest standarts of ethical conduct and integrity.

We are ready to help you with the trial optimization and fully support  of the Clinical trial activities:

- Site management (6 professional sites in Russia)

- Patient engagement

-CRO full cycle service





• Benefits working with us:

  1. Our Software 100% accepted by sites 
  2. Russian language EDC solution that is best applicable for the Russian PI
  3. Start a study in 3 weeks from the final protocol
  4. Protocol or study changes implamanted in hours
  5. One week from Last Patient Last Visit to database lock.
  6. DFS allows the clinical study sites to perform direct data entry into any EDC system
  7. Data management consulting 
  8. Flexible data entry and collection options, including EDC, paper and direct into sponsor database





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Dataflow EDC

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